how does a donation-based yoga studio work?

People often ask, “What does all donation mean?” “What should I pay?”

Let me try to help you out:

*If you are unable to cover your basic living expenses: $0

*If you regularly drop $5 for a fancy coffee or eat half your meals out: $5-10

*If you plan to spend $10 or more on drinks and cigs after class: $10-15

*If you regularly splurge on unnecessary random crap and can still comfortably cover  your living expenses: $20-infinity

*Most studios are $20 for a drop-in.

You might also wonder, “What do the donations pay for?”

*All of your donation goes directly to your teacher.

*Your teacher pays a small fee to the collective:

*Those fees support:

*Keeping the lights and heat on.

*Toilet paper and clean hand towels.

*Mats and props.

*The new patio out back for warm weather hanging after class.

*Keeping this studio open. Period. We do not receive money from the state and/or grants.

*Good karma. I opened the studio with the dream that donation-based yoga could self-sustain and thrive in Madison. I appreciate you all helping us make that dream come true.

We welcome ALL.

We never ever question how much you are able to contribute.

 peace and love, Gail

all donation

all welcome

come for the community

stay for the yoga